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Sarah Moise


- Access Bars Practitioner
- Access Bars Facilitator
- AfN Certified Nutrition Certificate at Levels 3 and 4
- Essential Oil Coach
- Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD)


Nutrition Coaching:

Assessment & Program: £90 for 60 minutes
Follow up: £30 for 30 minutes
Body program: £150 for 120 minutes


Energy Sessions:
£30 for 30 minute taster
£80 for 60 minutes
£120 for 90 minutes (full session)


The most important relationship we have in our life is with our body, but very few people have a joyful body connection.

How we fuel our body is critical to how it functions; food is information which sends messages to our cells to perform a myriad of critical daily activities.  When we make our food choices based on what our eyes and our noses desire we run the risk of not providing adequate nutrition for the body to function effectively.  Over time, this stresses the body creating inflammation, pain and disease as well as excess weight.  However, for many people, this can be reversed when good nutrition is introduced.

I work holistically with clients, using functional medicine techniques, looking at the individual and their lifestyle to determine the root cause of their issues and build a tailored nutrition and lifestyle plan.

My own life experiences have led me to understand the importance of the mind/body connection so my recommendations will also include tips for sleep, movement/exercise, hydration, supplementation, relaxation and connections with others.

One of the keys to eating well is having access to healthy, delicious recipes which are simple to prepare and I provide a resource for these via my website as well as organising cooking/tasting demonstrations for clients needing ideas.

To support clients who require motivation to change their habits I have developed a program which uses energy transformation techniques with nutrition coaching to achieve the body they desire. 

Find out more details about my Body program at: www.pelangipossibilities.co.uk



I practice a technique called Access Bars® which is a set of 32 points on the head which, when lightly touched, stimulate positive change in the brain dissipating the electro-magnetic charge of stress, thought and emotions.  It acts like a delete button on a computer!

This gentle, non-invasive technique works by releasing both physical and mental blocks stored in the body and helps facilitate greater ease in many different areas of life.

A session of Access Bars® can help with:

bulletSignificant increase in joy and happiness
bulletStress, overwhelm, anxiety and depression
bulletHealth and weight management
bulletGreater mental clarity
bulletDeeper relaxation
bulletPanic attacks

and much more.

You remain fully clothed during the session as I gently work on your head/forehead.

To discover what dynamic change could be possible and to arrange a session contact Sarah as shown below.

tel: 07756 493963
email: SMoise24@gmail.com
website: www.pelangipossibilities.co.uk

3 x 90 minute sessions booked & paid in advance for £285
 i.e. £95 per session (full price £120 per session

Why not call or email Sarah today